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Leading Speckle Park Genetics

Rose Hill uses a combination of the tried and true Speckle Park genetics that were first brought into Australia, as well as genetics sourced independently from Canada on three separate trips. The diversity of animals viewed in these trips means that Rose Hill has selected genetics specifically suited to the requirements of the Australian Beef Industry and the Australian environment. Viewing several herds meant that Alex and Natalie could view the results of genetics they had also used, and saw first hand the results of different crosses. While Rose Hill has cultivated specific outcross genetics to use in their Australia herd, the belief is always that it is not good enough for an animal to be an outcross alone- quality and performance have to come first. Alex and Natalie plan to return to Canada again when possible, to explore new opportunities. 

Leading Speckle Park Genetics - Rose Hill Speckle Park Stud

Rose Hill Sire Selection

Rose Hill leaves no stone uncovered when acquiring leading Stud Sires as this is paramount to breeding leading Speckle Park Bulls and Females. When viewing prospects the focus is on phenotype (what the animal looks like) and structural correctness. If a bull meets these criteria, an evaluation is then performed on scrotal development, muscularity, temperament and available performance data. Breedplan data is another tool that is becoming more relevant to the Speckle Park Breed Association and Speckle Park Breeders as it becomes more accurate and comprehensive over time. Other considerations when Rose Hill selects a sire include the pedigree and DNA test results (myostatin, red coat gene and poll gene status).

Foundation Sires

Leading Speckle Park Genetics - StarBank King George
Starbank King George
Leading Speckle Park Genetics - PAR-MooFassa
PAR Moo Fassa
Leading Speckle Park Genetics - River Hill Walker
River Hill Walker
Leading Speckle Park Genetics - River Hill traffic jam
River Hill Traffic Jam
Leading Speckle Park Genetics - JSF trade secret
JSF Trade Secret
Leading Speckle Park Genetics - HS untapped
HS Untapped
Leading Speckle Park Genetics - Wattlegrove mr business
Wattlegrove Mr Business
Leading Speckle Park Genetics - Underhill All Out
Underhill All Out
Leading Speckle Park Genetics - FS PAR Ace In a Hole
PAR Ace in A Hole

Selecting Leading Speckle Park Females

Structure, temperament and pedigree are important for Rose Hill when selecting females for their breeding operation. Ultimately females are preferred that are deep bodied, wide hipped and feminine fronted, with balance and capacity also extremely important. Rose Hill doesn’t compromise on high fertility and balanced functional udders.

In-herd selection is straightforward, as it is supported by extensive data available to assist in the decision making process.

Foundation Females

Leading Speckle Park Genetics - Almarlea 03M Lacey F149
Almarlea 03M Lacey F149- An Upto Specs Lacey daughter
Leading Speckle Park Genetics - FF six star rendezvous
Six Star Rendezvous D27- A Notta Rendezvous daughter
Leading Speckle Park Genetics - FF Orangeville F06Y
Orangeville F06Y- A Notta Pretender 64P daughter
Leading Speckle Park Genetics - kahleatha gunna get u
Kahleatha Gunna Get U G9- A Prairie Hill Reba daughter

Advantages of Speckle Park Breed

Speckle Park cattle are moderate framed, easy fleshing, and hardy. Beneath the attractive coat is an animal bred to produce a high-quality carcass that is well marbled without excessive exterior fat. Early trials of Speckle Park steers in feedlots are promising, with cattle exhibiting impressive daily gains and reaching exit specifications in good time. Speckle Park cattle perform consistently, producing an outstanding carcass that is highly sought after by butchers at 14-18mths, straight out of the paddock. The ability to produce high quality beef in a short time frame makes Speckle Park the right breed for sustainability and a low carbon footprint.

Leading Speckle Park Genetics - Rose Hill Speckle Park Stud

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